Friday, 21 July 2017

Stories From Around the World 2

To replace the blog this month I am going to post occasional videos called Stories from Around the World. These are me practising my storytelling skills. They are not the finished article and were all done in one take. But they are quite fun and something to fill the void while the blog is on its holidays. Feel free to leave a comment, or suggestions.  

This one is from Wales and is called the Fairy Walking Stick, I must admit the end is a bit ropey.:-) enjoy. 

oh oh oh 
Don't forget, for the next 6 weeks, my two novels, Maggie's Milkman and Extraordinary Rendition   are both going to be available to buy as physical books from a company called Lulu. So, if you fancy owning one of my novels click on the links below and get your credit card out :-). If you would like a signed copy, for ten pounds each, contact me. 

Maggie's Milkman

Extraordinary Rendition.

Now enjoy the story. 

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