Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dead Ringer

Something a little  different today. Hope you enjoy.

Here are the songs.


  1. Silly story :-) However, we really are influenced by what kind of films we're watching and what kind of songs we're listening to so...

  2. maybe this story is silly but I would rather call it witty and funny on surface and thought provoking on another level. I have many female friends who cannot find partners as men they date turn out to be immature and childish, avoiding commitment, responibility, confrontation... maybe this text tries to answer the question why?does pop culture influence today's men so much? :-) heheh.... and then the result is that the men you could think should be wise and experienced think, for example, that all naked women look like photoshoped models on magazine covers and life is just only playing the field without hurting anyone.... Or you are spending what you should think is a nice evening with a man but while talking to you, he is constantly texting others and instead of smiling at you he is smiling at his phone like a teenager? This is very interesting and this story made me think of this thing and besides I like the selection of songs and author's witty interpretation of the lyrics.