Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Battle of Poundland

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The woman with the pram was adamant that she hadn't done anything wrong, even though the woman without the pram was sitting on the floor with blood flowing from her nose and tears flowing from her eyes. It had only taken one punch, one swing of the jowly arm to knock the woman without the pram down. Pram woman had wanted to swing again, but the security guard had grabbed her arms and prevented her from getting another shot in.
“I didn't do nufin’,” the woman with the pram protested, as the security guard held her back. It was her.”
“I only asked her if I could get past,” the woman without the pram sobbed. “A bloody two-seater pushchair right across the aisle. No thought of anyone else but herself. I asked her nicely and she turned on me.” She was giving her version of events to a woman who was trying to stem the flow of blood.
“She fucking pushed past me. Okay she said excuse me, but then she didn’t wait for me to move the pram. She just pushed the pram out of the way.” The security guard had let go of her now but he still stood tall over her making sure she didn't launch another attack.  “Can't she see I've got two babies trying to sleep? Woke them up she did, pushing past the pram like that. Then, she had the cheek to tell me how to behave front of my children. She was throwing her arms around like a helicopter. She deserved it.”
The woman without the pram sat on the floor amongst bottles of shower gel that had been disturbed in the struggle. The bleeding had just about stopped. Her tears had also dried, but she was still as white as a ghost. She wasn’t listening to what the woman with the pram was saying, she was too busy launching a case for the prosecution.
“Effing and blinding at me for no reason,” she said. “I told her to mind her language in front of the children. That's all. Next thing I know there’s a windmill of punches coming at me. Vicious nasty punches.” She stopped and touched her nose. “Is my nose broken? The woman without the pram suddenly looked very concerned and tears started to flow again.
“Stuck her fucking finger in my face she did, telling me I'm a bad mother. A bad mother?  Just for parking my buggy across the aisle? What right does she have to say that? What am I meant to do just stand there and take it? Okay, I punched her but she started it. She attacked me with words.” The woman with the pram pointed at the woman on the floor.
“Thinks she bloody owns the shop, thinks she has a right to block the aisles. The bloody planet doesn't' revolve around her fat arse. Selfish cow.” The woman without the pram was may be protesting a little too much.   

“Violence, isn’t just fists you know.” But the problem for the woman with the pram is that CCTV doesn’t pick up words but does pick up punches. So the woman with the pram was led away by two police officers while the woman without the pram was led away by two paramedics.

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