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Barry Corby Part 8

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Corby Dead
Successful Businessman and football club owner Barry Corby died yesterday at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.
Corby (45), who was the owner of Castleton United Football club as well as the proprietor of many businesses in Castleton, leaves behind a loving wife, Lulu who he’s been married to for over twenty years. It is believed that local man Corby travelled alone to Geneva on Tuesday and died at the Clinic on Thursday.
In a brief statement released thorough Castleton United, Corby, who was recently crowded Castleton's business person of the year for the sixth consecutive year, claimed that after being diagnosed with an incurable disease he didn't want to be a burden on anyone. Therefore, he had taken the decision to end his own life once he'd had time to put his affairs in order. Corby revealed last month that he had been given just months to live after a routine check-up revealed a rare debilitating condition. In an exclusive interview with the Castleton Chronicle, Corby gave an insight into how the disease was taking its toll on his mind and body and how it was playing havoc with his personal relationships, but at that time he vowed to fight it as best he could.
Castleton United, who were promoted at the end of last season, will hold a minute's silence before their next home game to allow fans to pay their respects to a man who is credited with saving the football club and setting it on the path to success.
Arthur Macintosh, the club's new chairman, moved to assure fans that the club was in safe hands. Barry loved this club and took steps before his death to secure its future. Arthur said in a statement.  We will continue to see investment from the new owners and I, as Barry's best friend, will strive to ensure that all his hard work survives. Mrs. Corby was not available to comment. 

Heartbroken Widow Left Penniless
Lulu Corby, Barry Corby’s grieving widow has been left penniless after details of Barry Corby’s will were revealed. According to reports Barry Corby made a large donation to a cat charity in Poland just days before his death, while other funds were used to pay for the assisted suicide, leaving Mrs. Corby with nothing. Mrs. Corby 40, who’d been married to Barry Corby for over twenty years was left visibly shaken by the news.
“I don’t understand why he’s done this,” A tearful Mrs Corby told reporters outside Macintosh and Jones Solicitors. “He’s illness must have affected his thinking. I knew he was selling his companies before his death, but he told me it was so I would be cared for. He didn’t even like cats.”  
Mrs. Corby flanked by Castleton United manager Ross Kettering wiped away a tear as she told of the shock of Barry’s death. “He told me he was just going on a business trip, but then I got a call from the clinic in Switzerland. He was terribly brave.”

An unnamed sourced suggested that even the house that was their family home for over fifteen years is owned by the football club leaving Lulu with the threat of eviction. Arthur Macintosh, the new club chairman, said it was the club’s policy not to comment on property it owned, but confirmed there were no plans to evict any individuals from club property in the near future.

Barry closed the website and looked out of his window. The sun was glistening off the gentle waves lapping the shore. He'd been dead for exactly a week. He had a whole new life ahead of him.  He should have been happy. 

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