Friday, 19 August 2016

Poetry Friday 7

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Amazing poetry Friday keeps going. 
Here are four new poems. 
This first one is inspired by a recent short story of mine. 

Ten to Two
Ten to two
anyone will do.
A chance of
a dance.
A short term
Eight minutes in the arms
of a stranger.
out of time.
Until time runs out.

We were given a prompt in my writing club to write something that started in the middle, from Act 3 scene 1. The next two poems were inspired by that prompt. 

The Curtain Falls
Curtain’s up
The first scene of the third act.
I’ve been here before,
and I’ll be here again.
Behind me the carnage
of passion;
love, hate and bolognaise
strewn across the floor.
it’s only a matter of time,
the curtain falls.

Feeling my age.
Scene 1, act 3?
Hang on,
that’s me.

The Death of Poetry
Murdering you
gently with

bad poetry.

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