Friday, 3 February 2017

Poetry Friday 31

Well we’ve reached poetry Friday 31, a milestone of sorts falling as it does in between 30 and 32. Two poems this week. Hope you enjoy.

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Meal Deal
The picture on the screen
above the spotty server's head
makes what we are about to receive, 
look delicious, nutritious,
yet wicked.
We're giving in to temptation,
to the ultimate sin. 
After a deep breath, we unwrap.
But try as we might,
we can't hide,
the mutual disappointment. 
We plough on without appetite, Without
pleasure. You leave yours half eaten. 
I finish,
but without satisfaction. 

Shakespeare’s Sonnet, Sonnet 18, Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, proves that Shakespeare didn’t live in Wales.

If Shakespeare lived in Wales.
Your face is like thunder
your eyes cold and grey.
Can’t remember your sunshine,
you’re like a Welsh Summer’s day.

You’re dark morn to evening,
cold, like wet clay,
a chill wind from the west
you’re a Welsh summer’s day.

Then quite without warning
a smile bright and gay,
it happens once a year,
a sunny Welsh summer’s day.

Despite all your anger, I love you, I say
and I will compare thee to a Welsh summer’s day.

I hope you enjoy the poems, remember if you did please share them with your friends.

Have a great weekend.


  1. All the things I like about your poetry: sense of humour, poetic descriptions, attention to details, the rhythm, double meanings (or am I a dirty minded freak if I see another meaning in the first one?), openness to many different interpretaions - Is that the town the poet is speaking to in the second one? The town he loves although others find it ugly and dull? Or is it a woman? (in whcih case I can see another reference to Shakeaspare: The Taming of the Shrew). BTW, a skillful man can turn any wicked woman into a fountain of sunshine and joy.

    1. thank you, I am flattered, I think you have interpreted both poems pretty accurately