Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Perfume Part one

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The single rap on the door was enough to put Fraser on full alert. His ears pricked up listening for every sound in the silence. Any squeak of the floorboard or whisper would tell him what he needed to know.  Slowly and carefully he tip-toed across the carpet, making sure he didn’t make any noise his side of the door. He was still listening intently, goosebumps on his arms.  He was sure there was one person outside his room, just one. As he neared the door the sweet smell of perfume told him who it was. He smiled and gently opened the door. The light filling his darkened room for a second as a shadow slipped in.
He felt her lips on his, her hands exploring his body, her hips pressing into him. He kissed her passionately, undressing her as he went.
“I missed you,” he muttered as her bra fell to the floor.
“Sssh,” she said, kissing him again.
They made love in silence, careful to not let their passions explode into noise.

“Have you got it?” She asked after she'd got her breath back.
He nodded.
He got out of bed and unzipped his suitcase; his hands delving into its depths like a heart surgeon. He pulled out the small envelope and handed it to the woman. She took it, stuffed it into her bag and started to get dressed.
“I've gotta go.” she said.
Fraser tried to pull her back to bed.
“One more time,” he pleaded.
 “No,” she said and pulled away.
She wandered around the room picking up her clothes. Fraser watched silently.
“Stay the night,” he said, more in hope than expectation.
She did the belt up on her coat and leant to kiss him.
The single rap on the door was enough to put them on full alert. Fraser's ears pricked up listening for every sound in the silence. The woman stood like a statue in the middle of the room.
“Room service.”
They looked at each other.
They both knew that it wasn't the bellboy at the other side of the door.

Fraser saw the glint of metal in the woman’s hand.
“Be careful,” he said, before he realised the gun was pointed at him.
“It’s over Frase,” she said, stepping towards the door and pulling down the handle; keeping him in her sights as she did so.
Two men came in and grabbed at Fraser’s arms.
“Let him get dressed,” she said.

Questions circled like sharks, but none of them reached his mouth. He wanted to call out to the woman who he had just made love to, but he realised, he didn’t even know her name.


  1. No audio today? Because there seems to be a link but it isn't working

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm on tour in Slovakia this week so trying to keep on top of everything, but obviously need to try harder. Anyway fixed now.

    2. Thank you. Hope the tour is going well.