Wednesday, 26 April 2017


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This is part two of yesterday's story but also works as a stand-alone story. 
I sat in the cafe watching the door, looking at my watch and pretending to read something on my phone. I'd arrived five minutes early and had been sitting here stirring my coffee for ten minutes. What was I doing here? Was I mad?
The family next to me were so perfectly Scandinavian they looked like they were just about to become gruesome victims in a Jo Nesbo novel. I put my phone away; it was time to go.
“Hi,” I looked up and there was Ffion standing there smiling. How did she get there? “I’m so glad you agreed to meet me, again,” she said.
“Can I get you a coffee?” I asked.
I went to the counter and ordered, there was still chance to escape.  I wished she wasn't so beautiful, then it would be easy to walk away, but it looked like I was staying. She was staring at me as I carried the coffee to the table, could she see my soul?  She seemed to be mumbling something under her breath as she stared, I felt someone walk over my grave.
“One Americano,” I said.
“Thank you. Were you waiting long?”
“No, no, just a few minutes,” I said.
She spooned three sugars into her coffee. “I wasn't sure you'd turn up.”
“Nor was I,” I said. “I don't think I could deal with being a frog again.”
She put her hand on my arm, I felt the warmth of her fingers. “I’m so sorry, Johnny knows he shouldn’t use his um, powers, for no good reason, but he’s just a boy, you know how mischievous they can be.”  She stirred her coffee. “You should have seen your face though,” she laughed. “You were quite cute as a frog.”
“Charming,” I said.
“You're even cuter now though.” She squeezed her hand, and another person walked over my grave.
At that moment, a Nesbo super-murderer could have come in and slain the fair family of four next to me and I would not have noticed.
“Let’s go back to mine,” Ffion said. I nodded my agreement, I was under her spell.

I was lying in bed panting, Ffion was purring next to me. “Well, my friend,” she said, “I see you have a few magic tricks of your own.”  

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