Friday, 9 June 2017

Poetry Friday 49

Poetry Friday 49
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A poetry Friday Topical Poet mash up this week.

I wrote this before the election result last night when I feared that Labour would be smashed into smithereens. Thankfully that didn’t happen.  Labour’s slogan was For the Many not the Few. I subverted that and came up with this

For the Few not the Many.
For the few
Not the many
I want it all
Won't give you any.
I won't pay tax
On what I earn.
Won't contribute
For your kids to learn.
Don't want to give
For your health care
And your mum was right,
Life's not fair.
But don't you dare
Phone in sick,
I'll sling you out
Double quick.
human rights?
That's a joke,
All your freedoms
Up in smoke.
Vote for us,
Tick our boxes
Will bring back shooting
And hunting foxes.
For the few
Not the many
We want it all
Won't give you any. 

Hope you enjoyed these poems, more next week. Have a good week.

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