Friday, 30 June 2017

Poetry Friday 52

Poetry Friday 52
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So, it made it through the year, 52 weeks of poetry Friday. And now it is time to announce the end of the project. I will still publish poems on the blog but no longer as a regular feature. Thanks for your support during this project and stay tuned for two big announcements next week.

Three poems for you this week

drip across the city
permeate every crack
seep through the stubbornest of
dry ground.
Chasing away the grey,
the black, the white.
until the city wakes up
saturated in hope.

Runaway train
Runaway train
clattering over tracks,
turning a humdrum journey
into an adventure
a mish mash of coaches,
some luxurious, some lived in,
some coal wagons.
It picked up speed and
veered out of control,
and now it’s run its race,
puffing the last breath of steam,
coughing, spluttering,
slipping into a siding,
and rolling to a halt.

Vivid memories
of a past I’d love to see again.
Moving forwards yet reaching backwards,
to a time before hate, suspicion,
and fake news.
Will I see those days again?
Hope dies last.

So there we are, the end of Poetry Friday. More poetry soon but on an ad hoc basis.

Have a good week.

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