Monday, 11 September 2017

It's Back

After 9 weeks away, I am bringing back the blog, but it won't be quite the same. It won't be every day, but a more ad hoc offering. With different things, some story telling, so fiction, some topical poems, some rants, some critiques, some diary entries. I suppose I should change the name of it, but I tried that before and it was a disaster.  

I'm starting with a topical poem. 
Saturday night was the last night of the proms but it courted controversy as this story explains. 

Last Night of the Proms
We’ll sing Land of Hope and Glory
We’ll wave our Union Jack
We’re celebrating Britishness.
Now we’ve got our country back.

We’ll belt out Rule Britannia.
We’ll rule the waves once more.
We’re making Britain great again.
Like we think it was before

But wait a minute, what’s this?
that’s not red, white and blue,
You can’t go waving that in here,
old chap, it just won’t do.

This isn’t time for Ode to Joy,
the Euro flag can’t fly.
you upset the Daily Mai brigade
You’re making Nigel cry.

How can you be a patriot
and wave that evil rag?
This is Brexit Britain, 
so wave the Union Flag.

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