Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Ferris Wheel

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“Go on,” Miley said, “she’s perfect for you, “she's not bad looking, she's got a lovely personality and she’s a writer just like you. It’s a match made in heaven." 
I wasn't convinced, Miley's previous attempts at matching making had been in the bowels of hell rather than the heavenly kingdom.
“Go on, you only live once,” she said.
"I know, so I don't want to waste a precious evening with on a disastrous date.” 
“It'll give you something to write about,” she said. 
Reluctantly I agreed. And Miley was right about one thing; it did give me something to write about. 
Josie had a humpy dumpty look about her but a Julia Roberts attitude; she genuinely believed she was the sexiest woman on the planet and the best piano player, the best writer and the best cook. I know all this because she told me, for two hours solid; her self-promotion was only interrupted by her nervous giggle that had me wanting to slap her. To make matters worse, she was also completely pissed having been drinking all day before the date. Who turns up for a blind date rat-arsed?
I was really beginning to question Miley's taste in people and her opinion of me. Did she hate me? Was this some kind of punishment?
“Right, I've got an early start tomorrow, I better go,” I said, as soon as I felt enough time has passed for it not to be too obvious I was making an escape. 
“Which way are you going?” she said. 
“Me too,” my heart dropped, that meant another twenty minutes of hearing how great she was.
It was a typical Cardiff night, not cold but wet and windy, but luckily the wind was behind us so the journey was wind assisted and her words were whipped away. 
“They seem to be taking an age over that,” I said, pointing to the fenced off fledgling fairground that they'd been building for the Winter Wonderland since Halloween. 
“Let's sneak in,” Josie said. 
“Let's not,” I replied, but there was no stopping her, she was gone, through a gap in the fence and running around the deserted attractions. 
Could I keep walking or did I have to wait for her? 
The wind was wild now, whipping the ropes on the flagpoles marking a tinny beat. The big Ferris wheel rocked in the wind, it didn't look at all safe. 
“C'mon,” I shouted in the direction of Josie, but she ignored me. I took slow steps toward home, thinking she could catch me up. 
You know the noise a coffin makes when it opens in a horror film? A slow, long creak that sends shivers down your spine. Well, that is what made me look around. The Ferris wheel titled forward and then gradually came crashing down like a lone domino. 
“Shit,” I said, it hadn’t missed me by much, and then I remembered Josie was in there. “Josie,” I yelled.
My eyes searched for my date, but she was nowhere to be seen, then I looked at the fallen wheel and saw her legs sticking out like the Wicked Witch of the East. 

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  1. haha:-) this reminded me of this line:
    "But enough about me... Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"