Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Tardis

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In case you are not a doctor who fan, I've put some links in this story to help you.
I’ve never seen anyone so excited by a TV prop before in my life.  I thought Tim was going to wet himself when he saw the blue police box stationed on the Hayes. He was maybe twenty yards away when he first saw it. He let out a little squeal then a bigger one and then skipped off towards the Doctor Who icon. I’m not a big fan of Doctor Who myself, so the excitement was lost on me but I suppose if RichieMcCaw had been standing there I might have been equally thrilled.
The great thing about this police box was that you could go inside. Plenty of Whovians had gathered around and were having their photos taken going in and coming out of the TARDIS, quoting lines from the show verbatim, and then collapsing in uncontrollable joy. It also randomly made the TARDIS noise; the whooowhaaaa, and when that happened the collected fans had simultaneous whogasms.
Timmy impatiently waited his turn to enter the box.
“Right,” he said, handing Alice his camera, “when I go in, take a photo, then change to video, and when I come out film me, ok?”
Alice nodded, she understood the concept of cameras.
“Okay, this is it.” For a 27-year-old man I think Tim’s excitement was a bit over the top but, you know, each to his own.
The problem with geeks is that they attract bullies like an empty pint glass attracts wasps. And if you are going to flaunt your geekiness by putting a bloody TARDIS in the centre of Cardiff then you have to expect trouble.
The gang of hoodies that approached just as Tim had entered the blue box looked scarier than a gang of Cybermen. If the Doctor himself had been there, then I am sure he would have stood his ground. But Whovians are nothing if not logical, they know when they are beaten, so they scampered quick time.

Poor Tim, he was just readying himself for the big monologue when the gang reached the time machine. I wonder if he ever knew what happened, I wonder if he thought for a moment he was really taking off, about to travel through time and relative dimension.  They hammered on the box, punching and kicking it; it rocked back and fore under the weight of their blows. Then it toppled, crashing to the ground, smashing into pieces. Seeing the damage they’d done the Cybermen scarpered. The doctors say Tim died immediately, crashing his head on the side of the box as it fell, and I’m sure in a way it is how he would have chosen to go, traveling in the TARDIS.

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