Monday, 25 July 2016

Barry Corby Part 3 - Lulu Corby

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Slight red warning 
Not again. The shower was just completing the job that Tenby had started, when Lulu had heard the front door slam and the moment was gone. Twice in an hour! Life was so unfair. She hoped Barry would go straight into the living room and turn on Sky Sports News so she could try again, but there were footsteps on the stairs and then Barry was trying to to join her in the shower.
“Ready for some Barry loving, Mrs Corby?” he smiled.
She really didn’t want him inside her. She just wasn’t in the mood, for him. Yes, she was more than a little frustrated by the coitus interruptus from earlier, but having sex with her husband wouldn’t solve matters. He was big, but big wasn’t always better. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy sex with him, but it was always like he was making love to himself. He preened and posed as if he was in front of a camera. He never managed to lose himself, forget who he was. Even as he was about to orgasm he postured. Sex for him was all about the great Barry Corby. Lulu Corby was often just an interested by-stander.
He grabbed her arm as she tried to get out of the shower.
“Barry, I said no.” Lulu pushed the shower door and got out. She was shaking just slightly.
She dried herself in the bathroom, cleaned her teeth and then stepped naked into the bedroom, leaving her husband to masturbate in the shower. She looked at her body in the mirror checking that Tenby hadn’t left any telltale little signs. She saw the red mark on her arm.  Barry had never harmed her. Not yet, but that didn’t mean he never would. Sometimes when she saw that animalistic look in his eyes, she wondered what he was capable of.
She heard the water stop and decided she’d better get dressed. If she was naked when he came in the room, he might try again. Maybe she’d let him tonight when they were both a bit tipsy, but she really hoped he’d sated his lust in the shower.  She slipped into her underwear and her dress and then sat on the bed with her hair straighteners, humming a tune to herself and dreaming of Tenby’s muscly body.
The door opened and Lulu felt the strong hands of her husband on her shoulders. He massaged them gently. It was his way of saying sorry.
“I love you,” he said.
“Love you too,” she looked up at him, the hair irons in her hand, she smiled. She meant it too. She did love him, but sometimes it was tough being married to someone who loved himself more than he could ever love anyone else.
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