Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Perpetual Motion

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They were perpetual motion in action. From the moment they boarded, to the moment they left the plane they kept moving. Tray table up, tray table down, unwrap sweet, tray table up, window blind down, unwrap another sweet, headphones on, head phones off, window blind up, nope, window blind down. 
She was a clear skinned beauty, long dark hair that she played with constantly. Her black rimmed glasses matching his. Window blind up, sweet unwrapped, sun glasses down. He wore his cap backwards and his trousers low. His legs spreading across her space, but she was petite enough to not mind at all. Sunglasses up, window blind down. They continued to fidget, watching a video on their shared iPad. Window blind up, sunglasses back on, filming the outside world on that iPad, tray table up, tray table down. Little kisses, his hands where they really shouldn't be in public.  Tray table up, she pushed his hand away. Seatbelt closed, seatbelt open, tray table up, sweet unwrapped. The whole flight passed in a blur of motion.
 It was no surprise that they were the first to stand up when seat belt signs were turned off or that they sat down when they realised they were at the back and disembarking was from the front doors only, only to stand up again almost immediately. Eventually they did manage to disembark, leaving me tired having just watched them and wondering where they got their energy from. 

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