Friday, 18 November 2016

Poetry Friday 20

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Twenty, that's one fifth of a hundred. And it keeps rolling on, and on. Like a bad penny it keeps coming back.

She stares.
Her eyes drinking in
every detail of the familiar.
How the back has more hair now
than the head.
The belly is rounder
The legs look shorter.
His arm still bulge
with muscles and strong shoulders.
He doesn’t smile.
He used to.

Does she love him?
Or does she love a memory of him
which lurks in the shadows
of her mind?
Is she the cause of what she sees?
Or would it have happened
without her?
If she leaves, will he recover
that lost sense of joie de vivre?
And then, would she love him

Boy on the Platform
He clutches
his ticket in his tiny hand.
To him it’s gold
like the leaves on the trees.

He’s dressed for cold,
for winter squalls,
but autumn sun
bathes his face.

His feet dangle
from the bench
 it will be years
until they reach the platform.

He waits patiently
staring at the locomotives
the carriages, the uniforms, 
and breathing in the smells
marveling at the everyday
magic of the station.

Bride to be
Forty four times she mentioned her wedding.
Forty four times in 15 minutes.
As grey clouds floated across blue skies
and the train rattled though the rolling hills
she left her fellow passengers
in no doubt

that she was soon to be wed.

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  1. I thought that the first poem looks a bit like the thoughts of the girl in the following photo (the couple in the foreground):

  2. That is exactly the photo that inspired the poem. (Sorry for the late reply. Almost impossible to get google in China so just publishing my stories was enough of a struggle.)

  3. i can't believe this is the same photo. There billions of pics in the Internet so how do I come across exactly the same one that inspired you two days before? (sorry for your problems with google. Hope you at least had facebook or instagram to watch and like your favourite pics)