Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Dungeon part 3

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As I am in China I thought I would share with you some of my stories for kids. This is called the Dungeon and comes in three parts. For part one click here and part two here  
Previously on the Dungeon, Bobby had fallen into a deep well / dungeon type thing. He'd found a door that opened with a password but then found himself at the bottom of some really steep steps. The door slammed behind him. He climbed the stairs and realised he was beneath a trap door. When that swung open he found himself on the stage.

He was in a theatre, a large deserted theatre and Bobby was on the stage. His footsteps echoed on the wooden floorboards which creaked under each step. He looked out over the auditorium, it was gloomy, but he thought he saw a shadow up in the gods. Someone or something was watching him.
Bobby was suddenly blinded by the light. The full force of the main spotlight right in his eyes. He stared into the light, trying to see who was shining it in his direction.  He jumped off the stage and ran up the stairs of the auditorium as fast as his tired, hungry legs could carry him. Up and up he went, this way and that. Following the shadow here and there. He was right up in the gods now. Right at the top of the theatre. Down, down, down below he could see a figure on the stage he’d been standing on. He ran down the stairs, as fast as his hungry, tired legs could carry him. Down and down he went, this way and that, chasing the shadow here and there. He jumped up on the stage, but there was no one, nothing.
He looked around to see a door slamming shut. He jumped down again and ran and ran as fast as his trungry legs could carry him. He burst through the door.
He was in the foyer and there in front of him was the thing he’d been chasing. It was a little girl.
“Who are you?” Bobby asked.
“I’m Chloe,” she said. She looked about the same age as Bobby, a bit thin and a bit pale, but a pretty face.
“Why have you trapped me here?”
“I’m not the one who has trapped you. I am helping you escape.”
“Helping me escape?” Bobby was confused.
“It was me who responded to you kicking the door in the cellar. I made it swing open.”
So it wasn’t my open sesame?”
“No, don’t be silly, doors don’t open with magic words.”
“And you opened the trap door too?”
The girl nodded. “and I guided you to here. The front door.” She turned the key in the lock.
“Now go.”
Bobby stepped through the door into the gloomy autumn day. He was on the high street, just metres from his home. Outside the Old Theatre, that had closed down before he was born.

“Are you coming with me?” he said to Chloe, but when he looked back inside the foyer there was no one there, just a dusty, dank empty space. “Chloe!” he said, but the door slammed shut.


  1. Is there going to be another part? I'm just wondering what was the point of the boy going to that dungeon, what has he learned?

    1. This was meant to be the end, but a few people have asked for more, so I will see. :-) (Sorry for the late reply. Almost impossible to get google in China so just publishing my stories was enough of a struggle.)