Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cosmeston Lakes

The worst thing was the not knowing. For the last hour or so Phil had watched his mother closely, looking for signs that she knew. But if she did, she was not giving anything away; she was a better actor than he’d ever realised. Maybe she didn’t know, maybe news hadn’t reached her yet. Or maybe she was waiting for his dad to come home so they could have one of those cringe worthy little chats that they liked to do now and again when Phil had transgressed in some normal way for a teenager. Phil heard his dad’s key turn in the lock just as Pointless was coming to an end. This was it, this was the moment of truth.
Phil and Fiona had spent the best part of the day in the local beauty spot known as Cosmeston Lakes. With the kids back in school it was virtually deserted, just one or two dog walkers and two first year university students reunited in the Easter holidays after a long term apart. They’d gone for a walk before driving to the remotest edge of the car park and taking advantage of the quiet to get down to some heavy petting. Fiona was naked from the waist up, Phil naked from the waist down, not the best position to be in when your mother’s best friend recognises the car and comes over.
Phil wasn’t sure who was more embarrassed. Fiona’s blush went all the way down her chest; her pert little breasts were doing their best robin impression. Phil couldn’t see if Mrs Matthews’s breasts were also blushing but she certainly was embarrassed. She apologised profusely explaining that she thought it was Julie out walking Maxipes, their cocker spaniel. Phil was desperately trying to cover himself up and failing. He couldn’t help notice Mrs Matthews staring at his lap for rather longer than she should have done. Eventually Mrs Matthews bumbled away taking the mood with her. Phil had dropped Fiona home and had headed home himself ready to face the music. But so far the music hadn’t been played.
“So what did you do today,” Phil’s dad asked as he shovelled a forkful of peas into his mouth.
“Oh nothing, just chilled with Fi,” Phil could feel his face getting hot.
“Liz said she saw you at Cosmeston,” his mum said matter of factly.
“Yeah, we went for a walk,” Phil could hear the strain in his voice and feel his armpits getting sweaty. He took a mouthful of potato and tried to think how to change the subject, but couldn’t.”
“Must be quiet there now the kids are back to school,” his dad said.
“Yeah, we hardly saw a soul.” This was torture. Why didn’t they just come out and say it. Maybe it was best to make a confession.
“Okay, look, I’m sorry, we just got a bit carried away. But we weren’t doing anything wrong, not really. We didn’t know Mrs Matthews would be there.”
Phil put down his fork expecting the talking to to start but his mum and dad just sat with mouths open. Gravy bubbled on the stove and a pea fell off his dad’s fork.
“What were you doing?” his mum asked eventually.
“Mrs Matthews didn’t tell you?” Phil was beginning to realise that he’d confessed to something he hadn’t needed to.
“No she just said you and Fiona were looking well. And mentioned what a strapping young man you’d grown into.”
Phil went pale. He silently set about his dinner again desperately trying to ignore the looks of his parents who were still both staring at him.

“Come on then out with it,” his father said. Phil took a deep breath, he’d got this far, he may as well tell them the rest.

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