Friday, 29 August 2014

The Dream


She moaned gently in her sleep and stretched her lithe body to get herself even more comfortable. She looked peaceful, serene, content - like sleep had washed away her troubles, soothed away her fears. I watched her breasts rise and fall slightly as she breathed. She moaned again like a cat purring in front of the fire. Only she wasn't in front of the fire, or indeed under a nice warm duvet - she was in the middle seat of a packed aeroplane flying from Tallinn to Frankfurt.
She wriggled and then moaned again, but this time the moan wasn't the contented murmur of a sleeper but more animalistic, her body moved, squirmed and she let out a guttural sound, lustful. Her hand touched her face and then her neck, gently stroking her perfect skin. Her long eyelashes fluttered suggesting a dream like state. Her breathing was shaky - short intakes of breaths followed by tiny moans like she was trying to stop crying. Her hand gripped her neck, while the other slapped her thigh and clutched it tight.
I looked at the elderly German woman next to the girl. What should we do, wake her up and spoil her fun or leave her to it. The German woman avoided my gaze, too embarrassed for eye contact.
The girl was still gasping for air, letting out mini moans, a blush of red rushed up from her breasts, like a tide running over sand. Then she grabbed the arm rests, her legs tensed, her body lifted off the seat and she let out an almighty roar before collapsing back into her chair, her breathing still heavy gasping for breath before getting back to normal until she was purring like a cat again. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mickey Finn Part 6

This is part 4 of Mickey Finn - Find click here for part one and here for part two and here for part three and here for part four and here for part five

Lucy was sitting outside Starbucks sucking on a cigarette; she smiled at Karla when she saw her come round the corner.
‘Skinny latte? It’s my round.’  Lucy said, Karla noted what a pretty smile she had. Karla smiled back and nodded, a good coffee was just what she needed, work had been arduously boring. She sat at the table vacated by Lucy and lit a cigarette of her own. It was another nice day, a bit of a breeze off the water but plenty warm enough to sit outside as long as the seagulls stayed away. Karla watched the families wandering around eating ice cream.
‘How was the family thing? Lucy was back with the coffee.
‘Barely bearable’ Karla smiled, she was sure Lucy didn’t need to hear her problems.
‘Sounds like you don’t get on well.’
Karla supposed if she did open up a little to Lucy then Lucy might too. She took a swig of coffee and relaxed.
‘Oh it’s not that but it’s always the same,’ Karla blew out a lungful of smoke and stubbed out her fag. ‘My sister is everything I am not, married to an “adorable” man, two “wonderful” kids who’ve got into the “right” schools, a posh house, a creative job. It was like I ceased to exist when those kids were born unless of course my sister needs a baby sitter or my mum needs someone to complain about.’
‘Two years.’  Karla nodded.
‘I feel your pain, similar for me too.’
‘Then cheers’ Karla clinked Lucy’s paper cup and smiled.
‘Cheers, that’s a good idea, fancy a G and T?’ Lucy nodded over to the pub on the corner.
‘Oh yes, don’t I ever?’ said Karla and the two women wandered over to the bar.

‘I was so stupid, why did I wear that daft mini skirt?’ They were on their second drink when Lucy just started talking from no where. ‘I was asking for it, of course I was, tottering around in high heels and a skirt that barely covered my bum.’
Karla felt powerless, what could she do? What could she say?
‘I told him I wasn’t interested but he bought me a drink anyway, and I thought what the hell free drink. Next thing I know I was dancing with him, then …’ her voice trailed off. Karla waited but Lucy had clammed up as tears rolled down her face.
‘Look for a start don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. You could have been stark naked and he didn’t have the right to do that.’ Karla winced at the incentive words she’d used. ‘Don’t blame yourself.’ Karla reiterated. Lucy sniffed, Karla put her arm round her and gave her a hug.
‘What did he look like? Do you remember?’
Lucy nodded and described the same slime ball who had tried to slip Karla the Mickey.
‘Why didn’t you go to the police?’ Karla asked with a sense of trepidation. Lucy was silent for a minute.
‘I felt so ashamed, I didn’t want to tell anyone. I told them in work my aunt had died. I took a couple of days off and since then I have just been a “bit emotional”.’
‘Will you go if I come with you?’
Lucy shook her head. ‘No, no! I can’t, I …’ A tear fell on the table ‘I shouldn’t have come here. I should have just let it go.’  Lucy got up, wiped her nose and left.
‘Lucy!’ Karla called out but she didn’t go after her. She knew Lucy needed space.
Karla sat quietly contemplating what her next move would be. She looked around the pub, there were a few after work drinkers left but it was quiet. The gin was getting to work and she was feeling a bit sorry for herself. What had she got herself into? What had she done to poor Lucy dragging up all those memories? And how much further had she got? Shithead was still out there with his pocket full of pills, lying in wait for his next victim. She didn’t suppose a broken nose would put him off for too long. Her phone buzzed, fuck off Josh she thought as she necked the remains of her drink and left the pub; she was dying for a smoke. 
She stood outside smoking, enjoying the evening breeze on her face. She felt around for her phone to see what Josh had to say for himself this time. She never replied, never encouraged him but the messages kept coming. But this message hadn’t been from Josh but from Lucy.
First time I’ve had alcohol since, sorry it seems to have flipped a switch. Just had a good cry, feel better. Coffee tomorrow?
Karla replied in the affirmative and stubbed out her ciggie in the fag bin. Stuck on that bin was the sign. ‘Like us on Facebook’ she’d seen the same sign on the door of the Real Deal club and the DJ had said something about tagging yourself in pictures on their Facebook page. It was time to get home and do some internet detecting.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dressed To Kill Part 3

A lot of people have asked me how this story ends so this is for you. For part one of this story click here and for part two click here 
Amy sat  at the table waiting for Ted to come back from the toilet. It was a nice place, a place she’d never been before, the service was good, the food great and a nice atmosphere. They were sitting outside in the beer garden, there was a general hum of contentment and the clink of cutlery on plates but there were no screaming kids like so many places these days.
After the first date she’d ignored Ted for a few days but in the end she’d felt a bit sorry for him and stopped avoiding him. He’d been sweet, he seemed to realise he’d made a bit of a cock up. At first she’d resisted his requests for a second chance but what the hell, she liked him and we all make mistakes, the trick is to learn from them. And on the evidence of tonight, Ted had certainly learnt.  He was dressed to impress, smart chinos, smart shirt, he’d even had a shave, and this place? Well it was definitely one she’d come back to.
The orange glow of the sunset that tinted the sky couldn’t disguise the sinister nature of the clouds building in the distance. Try as they might to look like innocent, they would soon bring a huge downpour. Amy guessed it was about time to go home, but that meant making a decision. She thought about the evening, it had been good. Ted was funny, eloquent and interesting. But… what was it? What was the but?
If this had been first date proper, then the fact that Amy hadn’t got a word in edgeways wouldn’t have bothered her. She’d have put it down to his nerves. But the  more she thought about it, the more she realised that this guy always talked about himself; when they chatted in work it was always, his dog, his views, his weekend. She wondered if he knew anything about her.

She knew what her friends would say -they`’d say it was her responsibility to get a word in edgeways, impose herself. But was it? Was it really? Shouldn’t he somehow show some interest in her? Also it wasn’t the first date was it? The first date had been a disaster, what had he said when he apologised, “I just didn’t think”. Didn’t think, the words bounced around her brain like a pinball. She wanted someone who thought. She wanted someone who considered. She wanted someone who noticed. Ted was too caught up in himself, there wasn’t room for anyone else. The date had been just like the night sky, beautiful to look at but something sinister lurking in the distance.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mickey Finn Part 5

This is part 5 of Mickey Finn - Find click here for part one and here for part two and here for part three and here for part four

Karla yawned her way through work, she tried to concentrate and catch up on yesterday’s tasks, but it wasn’t happening. She watched the second hand judder around the clock, round and round, always moving with that jerky, unsure step but going nowhere. Try as she might she couldn’t even concentrate on Candy Crush; this was real, this was happening, she was going to meet a victim of that son of a bitch. No, that was not a good thing to call her, she wasn’t a victim she was a woman. and  no that was not a good thing to call him either, cos that demeaned his mother. Shitbag, that would do. At 5 on the dot she grabbed her bag and made for the door.

Starbucks was empty which was both good and bad. Good in that recognising each other would not be difficult but bad that ‘the woman’ was not already there. Karla bought her usual and sat in a comfy chair by the door. She tried to relax but her mind just wouldn’t let her. What if ‘the woman’ chickened out? Didn’t turn up. How long would she give it? What if this was a hoax? What if it was him? Or another different dirty sleazebag bastard coming for her? She tried to put those thoughts out of her mind. She had to be strong. This wasn’t about her anymore. Oh my god, she thought, what if I know her? That possibility hadn’t occurred to Karla before now. That would make it really awkward, or what if it was a man, men get raped too don’t they? The door opened and in walked a woman who looked very much like Karla, handsomely beautiful, strong, elegant. She smiled shyly at Karla and then approached her.
‘Karla?’ she said in a voice that didn’t match her stature.
‘Yes’ said Karla and reached out a hand. But the woman didn’t take up the offer of a handshake. ‘I’m Lucy.’ Karla didn’t know if it was her real name or not but she didn’t care.
‘Sorry I’m late, I cased the joint a bit, make sure it was not a set up, you can’t be too careful.’
‘Sensible.’ Karla smiled ‘Coffee?’
‘Skinny latte’ the woman said and Karla smiled. ‘Take away, I need a smoke.’ Karla’s smile broadened.
They walked and talked, just general chitchat, nothing heavy, just getting to know you stuff. It was a nice day, blue sky and whispy clouds, seagulls coasting on the gentle breeze and the cormorants drying their wings on the quayside. Karla bided her time. She was there to support not to pry, the story would come if it came but she didn’t really need the story. She didn’t really know what she needed. Yes she did, she needed to know she’d been right, that that tosser was a scumbag rapist and somehow she could get him off the streets.
Her phoned buzzed, not now Josh, she thought to herself, not now, but she checked it anyway, force of habit.
‘Oh fuck’ she said.
‘What is it?’ Lucy asked looking concerned.
‘Oh nothing just… It’s my sister, it’s her little one’s birthday. I promised I’d make an appearance. Sorry, I’ve got to…’ Lucy looked distraught. Karla put her hand on her arm. ‘Look you’ve got my number now, you know how to find me. Call me anytime okay?’ Lucy nodded.
‘And let’s do this again tomorrow yeah?’ Lucy nodded again.

Karla left with a heavy heart but she had to go. Her sister would already be fuming that she was late. And what would she get when she got there, the same old same old that’s what. She signed heavily and headed for her car, smoking one last cigarette before putting on the family smile.