Friday, 20 January 2017

Poetry Friday 29 A Poetry Friday Special

When Poetry Friday Met the Topical Poet

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It’s been quite a serious week on the blog, so I thought I’d lighten things up for poetry Friday by going into my Topical Poet mode. Two Rhyming Poems for you today, that I hope will put a smile on your face. I would suggest you listen to them.
(Note: I am not totally happy with these two poems so please read them as first drafts and if you want to comment, please do.)

The British Prime Minister gave her big Brexit speech this week. Take a look at her outfit.
Bay City Roller’s Fan
They say we shouldn’t talk about
what Teresa likes to wear
and that we shouldn’t comment
on how she does her hair.
Just cos she is a woman
doesn’t give us the right.
to question her leather trousers
or say her dresses are too tight.
After all, we didn’t notice
how David’s suit was cut,
or if Tony dressed to right
and was his zipper shut.
No one ever mentioned
Gordon’s choice of ties.
and no one asks if Nige
has eaten all the pies.
Tony had his faults but he
never wore hipster flares
and David didn’t go to work
in what his daughter wears.
Gordon didn’t rock it out
in David Bowie Tees.
And Nigel never wore his jeans
with holes ripped in the knees.
So, I think that we might’ve commented,
even if it was a man
who gave their most important speech
dressed as a bay city rollers fan.

Three Little Words
The three little words,
that no man likes to hear.
We’ll know that we’re in trouble,
with the one we holds most dear.
Always uttered with anger,
they make us want to die.
we know we’re sleeping on the couch
but we really don’t know why.
They don’t bring love and happiness
they’re not put in a song.
The words that every man dreads
she said, there’s nothing wrong.

Thanks for listening / reading. See you next week.


  1. Is T.M. Scottish? How many Brexit supporters are in Scotland?:-)

    1. no, and fewer than in England, maybe she's appealing to them.