Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Evacuation Part 3

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David peeled himself away from Iveta and walked the five paces to the train door. It was a walk to freedom, but he felt like he was walking to the guillotine. Don’t look back, he told himself, maybe she’s behind you, maybe she’s coming with you after all. He hulked the big suitcase onto the train and then carefully placed the holdall with Lucie next to it. The first-class carriage was empty. He chose a seat in a compartment and looked out of the window. There was no sign of his beautiful wife. She’d gone; vanished into the bowels of Hades forever. He placed the large suitcase on the luggage rack above his head, balanced Lucie’s holdall on his lap and closed his eyes. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be; till death do us part, not till a Russian invasion do us part. He sniffed heavily and searched his pockets for a tissue; wiping his eyes and then his nose.
The carriage didn’t stay empty for long. The compartment soon filled up with kids and parents and bags and tears. David kept looking at the door, hoping against hope that somehow Iveta had found her way on to the train, but each person who walked down the corridor was too tall, too fat, too male, too short to be his wife. One woman looked vaguely like Iveta and David’s heart nearly leapt from his chest, but it soon settled back in disappointment.
The train jumped into motion and slowly pulled out of the station. That was it, no turning back now. He watched Prague, and Iveta, slide into the distance. This was one of David’s favourite journeys; the reflections of the countryside in the river were usually breathtaking. But today the river was like ink, blotting out all reflections. Lucie murmured and muttered in her sleep. She’d be waking up soon. David wasn’t sure he could cope without Iveta. His phone’s screen told him there was no reception, so he could even hear her voice ask her for advice.
He wondered how she felt, where she was. She was quick to say he should go, too quick? Maybe his escape was the escape she’d been hoping for. Maybe she had another man tucked away in Prague that she could flee too. What was he thinking? She was right, it was more sensible for her to stay. She was always the wise one, that’s why he loved her.  Lucie gurgled and gooed. He picked her out of the bag. She beamed a sleepy smile at him. David smiled back.

“Let’s get you fed, young lady,” he said through the tears. This wasn’t going to be easy.]

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