Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Stalker

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Katey felt used, abused, frustrated and vulnerable. She looked at her stubbornly silent phone. It was now exactly five days, six hours and twenty-seven minutes since she’d sent her last message, which made it six days, six hours, and six minutes since Eddie had last replied; 666 the number of the beast. 
Katie knew he’d been online since then. She’d digitally stalked the fuck out of him. She knew everything there was to know about the bastard. His Facebook was an open book; not a privacy setting in sight. She knew more about this man than she'd known about her ex-husband after 6 years of marriage.  She knew where he worked, what school his son went to, what gym his wife used. She even found out where he lived.  She’d studied all his pictures in the minutest detail.  There he was playing cricket with his son, there was the new living room furniture, there he was having a glass of wine with a huge smile on his face. Only one person could have taken those photos. The wife. The woman who Eddie had said had no time for him, who was no longer interested in him in the bedroom department, who, Eddie said, made him tired and depressed. Eddie didn’t look tired and depressed. It looked like pictures of domestic bliss.
It was the oldest trick in the book and Katey had fallen for it. She wasn’t sure who she hated more, Eddie or herself. Actually, she did, it was herself. She hadn’t even met the guy, just fallen for his online patter, his ab pics, and his dick pics. Christ, she’d even sent photos of herself to him that would make her blush.
She walked down his street going right past his front door, but again instead of knocking and demanding an explanation, she walked on by again. But before she got to the end of the street, she discovered a new inner steel. She turned on her heel, headed back to his door and before she could bottle out, she hammered the knocker.
The familiar blonde woman opened the door. Wow! Even in tracksuit bottoms and a baggy jumper she looked stunning.
“Where is he?” Katey demanded.
“Who?” the woman replied.
“Who are you?”
“Where is he?” Katey repeated.
“What’s going on?” Wow! He was taller, in real life, more tanned and tighter than she'd imagined.
“Eddie,” Katey said. “It’s me, Katey.”
“Don't play the dumb ass with me,” Katey said, trying to step past the wife.
Eddie turned to his wife.
“I don't have a clue who this woman is. Honestly.”
“You fucking coward,” Katey said. “You fucking coward.”
“I think you better go.” The wife said.  Katey hadn’t noticed before but she had a carving knife in her hand. Maybe it was time to get out of there.”

It was now eight days, eight hours, and eight minutes since she’d last heard from Eddie. His profile was gone from the dating site. His Facebook had been quite and his Instagram suspended. He'd been digitally grounded. She felt a bit bad for what she’d done, but why should the bastard get away with it. He’d been lying to her and virtually cheating on his wife. He deserved everything. The poor wife and kids, though. The crazy thing was, she still looked at her phone every twelve minutes hoping he’d text hoping the wife had kicked him out and he needed somewhere to go.

Katey’s phone buzzed. She read the message.

Hey, sorry I've been quiet lately,
phone issues, family issues etc.
I didn't think you would want
 to know me after the other day? 
Why? What happened the other day?

Katey looked at her phone. Had she been stalking the wrong guy?

Quick question. Do I need the last line of the story here, or is it obvious from the context? 


  1. :-) Think the last line is needed

  2. If the answer is yes: yes she had been stalking the wrong guy, then no last line is needed.J.P.

  3. If the answer is yes, then the last line is not needed.