Saturday, 28 January 2017

Topical Poet - Orange Folly

A little bonus poem for you. 

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Orange Folly
You can build a wall around us,
make it tall and long
but I don’t think you’ll stop us.
I think you’ve got it wrong.

The border’s not for crossing
you’ve made it plain and clear.
You’re using bricks and mortar
to make sure that we stay here.

But haven’t you forgotten
the wall it won’t constrain,
while you’re building it up higher,
we’ll take the effing plane.

So, build your flight of fancy
and argue about who’ll pay. 
Meanwhile we’ll all pack our bags
and see you at JFK. 

I thought I'd put yesterday's topical poem here too. 

Special Relationship
From World War 1 to Libya 
we’ve stood side by side, 
with our ‘merican cousins.
Special relationship we’ve cried.  

When Ronnie launched the arms race
and filled us all with fear 
Maggie let Mr. Reagan
store his weapons here.

When Dubya bombed Afganistan 
and then went into Iraq. 
His special friend in London
said “George, I’ve got your back”. 

A special relationship you say, 
more like an unholy alliance.
we need them, more than they need us,
so there’ll always be compliance. 

So Teresa’s gone to Washington 
to meet he who I won’t name, 
she’ll beg for a special deal 
she’ll put Britain on the game.

She’ll take anything on offer 
to get her hands on pretty green.
the NHS up for sale, 
she’ll happily sell the queen

Despite his racist, sexist, 
homophobic, rhetoric, 
she’ll do a deal with the devil, 

because she’s in the Brexit shit.