Monday, 27 February 2017

Dear Slovak Hotels

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Dear Slovak Hotels, 
Thank you very much for your hospitality over the last two weeks, in general, you've been wonderfully comfortable and welcoming. Let me congratulate you on having tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms; this is a real improvement on recent visits. However, there were a few things I noticed that I think could be improved upon. 
Firstly, I would be grateful if you would put the towels in the bathroom where they are needed, not on the bed where they are not. Yes, it looks lovely to have an elephant made from towels on the bed when I come in the room, but this aesthetic feature paled into insignificance when I was sopping wet in the shower having forgotten to bring said towels into the bathroom. There I was drying myself with the bath mat, while the beautiful towel butterfly was untouched on my bed. 
Secondly, would it be a good idea to put electricity sockets next to the bed? Surely most travellers have phones or computers that need charging after a long day’s travelling. And most of us use our phones as alarm clocks, so we want them close to the bed not in the furthest flung corner of the room that you need google maps to reach. Also, may I suggest not putting the sockets underneath the large, immovable desks. Although I was proud to break the world limbo dancing record in order to plug the phone in, the damage it did to my back was not worth the glory.
Finally, I realise I shouldn't teach my grandmother how to suck eggs, but I'm not quite sure you've got the hang of how to make a bed. Folding a duvet in half and then laying it on the bed lengthways is pretty, but it is not the most user-friendly state of affairs. It means before I can use the bed I have to open up the duvet and turn it around, thus basically making my bed for myself. I don't go to a pizza place and make the pie myself, so why am I expected to make my own bed. I guess the chambermaids are too busy coming up with towel giraffes to make the beds properly. 
Anyway, I hope you take these suggestions on board and I look forward to seeing an improved service next time.

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  1. Great description of hotel rooms (not just the Slovak ones)!:-)
    Except for one little thing:the East Europeans mean that the folded duvet is neat and comfortable in comparison with the horrible West European tucked sleeping bags-like duvets:-) where you