Friday, 21 April 2017

Poetry Friday 42

So, I am in topical poet mode for this week’s poetry Friday, one dealing with national news and one dealing with very localised news.
Instead of audio this week - video :-) 

This lady is for turning.
We already have a mandate
to follow Brexit through,
there’s no need for an election,
Now, I’ve got a job to do.

It’s just not going to happen.
So, please leave me well alone.
This lady’s not for turning,
I’ve got a real backbone.

I’m calling an election.
It’s on the sixth of June
Yes, it really is quite sudden,
it really is quite soon.

Okay, I said we didn’t need one.
but now I’ve changed my stance.
the opinion polls say ‘landslide’,
so, I thought I’d take a chance.

And you know, if I’d have waited,
just for a week or two
our majority would be threatened
by the boys in blue.

You know I’m not a liar.
No, nothing of the kind
It’s this woman’s prerogative
to change her weaselly mind.

I’m not as young as I used to be
I’m not as slender too,
but put me between two jumpers
and I think I’m twenty-two.

No one was going to beat me.  
the ball it wouldn’t pass.
I was diving hither tither
and sprawled out on the grass.

It wasn’t Messi taking pot shots
Ronaldo or George Best  
but the seven and the nine-year-old
were giving me a real test.

No, nothing was going to beat me.
No one was going to score.
the only thing that stopped me
is when my trousers tore.

So, next time they’re playing football,
I won’t stand between the sticks.
I’ll remember I’m not twenty-two

in fact, I’m forty-six.

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