Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Treat

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A slight red warning today.
“God, you look sexy in that,” Penny said. “I want you,” she smiled at me. It was the first time I’d noticed the cutest of dimples in her left cheek. Our heads had been getting closer and closer and were now just millimetres apart. Any closer and we'd be kissing by accident. Her pupils had dilated in her dark brown eyes making them look like black holes to the soul.
“You're married,” I said. 
“I don't care, it's Christmas.” Our lips locked together and my arms went into octopus mode. Her body felt delicious beneath that little black dress. My hands caressing the curves through the silky material. She was desperately trying to unbuckle the black belt that moments before she’d been helping me to do up.  I pushed her away. 
“You're meant to be helping me get dressed not undressed.”
 She pulled me back in for another kiss. She bent one knee lifting her foot off the ground behind her.
The last strains of a children’s choir version of Away in a Manger echoed down the corridor. That was my cue, but I didn’t want to go out there, I wanted to stay here, in my classroom, taking this once in the lifetime opportunity. Our tongues continued their passionate fight. 
“I'm on a minute,” I said, barely breaking the kiss. 
“We want Santa, we want Santa.” 
I pulled away. My beard was skewwhiff and my wig lopsided. 
“We want Santa, we want Santa.” the sound of 100 impatient children was growing louder. 
“Santa!” It was the head teacher’s voice. We could hear her footsteps. “Santa, where are you?”
“Go,” Penny straightened my beard and gave my bum a playful slap.
 “I can't go out there like this, can I?” I protested.
We both looked down at the bulge in my Santa suit.
“Mr Evans, the children are waiting.” Mrs. Lewis the head had stormed into the classroom. She stared at me and then at Penny and then her eyes were drawn lower.
“Oh oh, gosh I’ll give you a moment, but I want to see you both first thing in my office tomorrow morning.” She slammed the door behind her. 
“Well, that worked,” Penny said noting that I was now fit to face 100 children.

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