Friday, 23 December 2016

Poetry Friday Number 25

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Poetry Friday this week has a work in progress, a poem in line with this week’s theme, a found poem and a pithy, little poem.

A crescent moon
on her arm.
A star tucked behind her ear.
Her skin’s
Van Gogh’s canvas.
Slender lines
and sweeping contours,
creating a masterpiece.
And her mind’s
a view from the asylum.

Christmas Poem
Lying dead
in the frozen goods aisle
in Marks & Spencer's.
Trademark red
suit and black boots
white beard.
He'd only popped in
for a bag of carrots. 
Parents shield children's
as paramedics attend
in vain.
Reindeer wait patiently outside.

I ‘found’ this next poem when I was reading yesterday’s story.

A crackle, a fizz,
a hiss, a groan.
Turning blue,
then black.
a giant’s trousers tearing.
the abyss.

I wonder if they’ll save the world
with their earnest conversations over latte.
Or, if when they go back to their baby buggies,
and their four-by-fours,
will the world
still be crying out for help.

Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you for your Poetry Friday  support this year.


  1. Happy Christmas to you too Gareth. Thank you for your everyday entertainment although it doesn't make us smile every time. But it's life isn't it. Ups and downs, good and bad, laughs and cries, funny and sad, that is the life mate, love and hate :-)

  2. Are the crescent and star literal tattoos or metaphors open to interpretations? I am just wandering what the poems mean..

    1. I think they were literal tattoos but this poem came from a line a typed in my iPad a long while ago, so exactly where it came from I am not sure.

  3. So it is some image from the past. I wondered what meaning it has. Hope you are having a nice evening.

    1. it means what you interpret it to mean :-)

  4. I know but you it is not only reader's interpratation how you perceuve a text. It us interaction between what signals the writer sends and how the reader perceives these sugnals. So it us not all on readers'sude. It is two-way communucation

    1. i think I was sitting in a cafe and saw a girl with the two tattoos, and wrote it down. Then when I was flicking back through my notepad, i thought about the Starry Night by Van Gogh. I did a bit of research and discovered he painted that in an Asylum. I've written this poem a bit like a Haiku, with it going in one direction for the main part with a change of direction in the last two lines.

  5. That's a nice explanation. Thank you for wasting your precious time