Friday, 30 October 2015

Keeping it up

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There might need to be a red warning for this one.
“Ooo look at the size of that,” she said with a gleam in her eye.
I blushed and played with it a bit more; I must admit I was becoming quite proud of it.
“Let it go, let me see it,” she said. I obediently took my hands away and let it stand up on its own.
“Wow!” she licked her lips. “It’s so big. My ex’s was half the size of that,” she purred.
I smiled, she could lavish this praise on me all day.
“Can I touch it,” she didn’t wait for an answer. “So firm,” she said, drawing her hand away quickly, like a kid touching a burning candle. “The ladies must love you,” she added.
I grinned at her, it’d been years since I’d seen Elsa, she’d been the prettiest girl in my school, but like all the pretty ones, she was only interested in older boys. But now she was taking a very close interest in me and I wasn’t complaining.
“Can I take a photo,” She picked up her Samsung. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure I mean I was happy for her to have a photo but what if she circulated it to her friends, what if she put it on one of those sites where people give it a mark out of ten.
Eventually I nodded, and she got to work, she took three or four photos from different angles, occasionally touching it, checking its firmness, giggling like a schoolgirl.
“How do you keep it up so long?” she asked. “You must play with it a lot?”
She flicked through the pictures on her phone.
“Can I put this one on Facebook?” she said, showing me the screen.
She saw the look of the shock on my face. I was a shy boy at heart.
 “Go on,” she said, “I mean, if you are growing your ‘tache for Movember, you might as well publicise it.”
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  1. This story has made me smile all day today whenever I remembered it:-) you are my favourite writer:-)