Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Teapot Part 3

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The cafe was quiet, just an old man with his newspaper in the corner, and Jamie Moses in the middle flirting outrageously with some random blonde who Andy had never seen before. That bastard knew Daisy wasn’t working today and had brought in another one of his fancy women. It was like he was tempting fate, hoping Daisy would come in on her day off. Andy could hear him using all the same lines. What a fraud!
“I could get you on the radio!” What a sleazebag. The blonde was lapping it up; just as Daisy had done before. Fucking hell! If Andy could, he’d have in Moses’s sticky toffee pudding, but there was CCTV everywhere. He’d never get away with it.
“If I ever get my hands on the fella who smash my car window, I’ll…”
You’ll what, thought Andy. He knew it was all bravado from Moses; there was no way he’d ever do anything. It wasn’t worth risking his media career and that was the beauty of it for Andy. As long as he was careful, he could do just about whatever he wanted and Moses would do nothing. Yes, that was the beauty of it.
“Can we get the bill please?” Jamie said, his white teeth gleaming and doing that signing sign language with his hands.  
“Of course,” Andy said. He prepared the bill making sure there were three sticky toffee puddings on it. He'd noticed that Moses never looked at the check; he just handed over his card.
“It's contactless,” Moses said. Most people bleep their card themselves, but Moses was too good for that, he’d let the staff do it. 
“Do you need a receipt?” Andy smiled. 
“No, no.” 
Andy's smile grew a little wider. He tapped in the maximum a contactless card could take and then bleeped Moses’s card. Beautiful. 

Moses tucked his card away none the wiser. Thirty quid for two desserts and two coffees, what a generous tipper. Andy wasn't going to take the money for himself, he’d pop it in the tip jar and take great pleasure out of ripping off the smug bastard. He waved Moses goodbye with a cheery wave, and then turned his attention the CCTV footage. He did a couple of freeze frames of Moses and the blonde getting up close and personal and took screen shots. Then he made sure the stills he'd made were in a file called Moses on the office desktop. He knew Daisy would be just too inquisitive for her own good and she’d never know for sure who put them there.

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