Friday, 21 October 2016

Poetry Friday 16

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So poetry Friday continues, but maybe it needs to be retired. Only time will tell. 

Untitled - one poem or two?
Snow in the fields
fog in the air, 
the dark white
winter's night.
Lonely roads 
unroll in the headlights
going home 
going somewhere.

The straight and narrow.
Too straight 
too narrow. 
No twists, 
no turns,

A Roman Road for life. 

Like sheep, 
They flock to the sales 
Like magnets 
To the bargains. 
Wishing they were 
Away from here. 
Fulfilling a part of the marriage contract
that wasn't mentioned at the ceremony. 

What if?
What if 
crossed tinder with Pokémon GO? 
Don't swipe right, 
throw balls. But 
instead of Pikachus and  Bulbasaurs
single people 
are the target of
your pokeballs
as you wander around 
on your way to 

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