Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Teapot parts 4 and 5

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Previously on ‘The Teapot’

Café worker Andy has been plotting a one man hate campaign against local Radio and TV personality Jamie Moses. Andy believes Jamie is living the life Andy could have lived. To make matters worse, Jamie is dating Daisy, the unrequited love interest of Andy. So far Andy has tipped tea into Jamie’s lap, scratched his car and smashed the windscreen and over-charged him for his sticky toffee pudding.

Andy walked slowly along the canal, enjoying the late autumn sunshine and his own mischievous mind. He was trying to think of new ways to play with Moses’s head. Ideas were forming. Daisy had found the photos and had been distraught, deleting the bastard’s number from her phone and swearing off men for good. Andy just had to bide his time. 

The punch was as violent as it was sudden. Dazed and confused Andy staggered forward. Then, he felt arms around him holding him up and a sack was pulled over his head just as Andy passed out. 
He came around in near total darkness. The bag almost suffocating him and pain throbbed through the back of his head. He was curled in the foetal position. When he tried to stretch out his legs hit something solid. The rough material of the sack made his nose itch; he tried to move his hands to scratch but his hands were bound together in his lap. 
“Help,” he shouted. His voice echoed around the small space. “Help,” he yelled again. He bumped around in his tiny space, things digging in to different parts of his body. His nose filled with exhaust fumes and his own sweat. They were going at some speed and it wasn't an A-road. They helter-skeltered around corners, Andy smashing his head on the metal behind him each time they leant into a bend. He tried to tense his body to maintain stability but the speed the car was moving was too much.  Just as Andy thought he might pass out again, they ground to a halt. 
Andy lay in the silence. He heard a door open and felt the car move slightly as the driver got out. He could hear the sound of a lighter striking. A rasping cough followed, then silence as his assailant smoke his cigarette. 

The boot sprung open, Andy could smell the stench of slivovice and cigarettes.  
“Come on you little toerag,” a voice said. “You’re coming with me.” A hand grabbed him and lifted him out of the boot like he was a small puppy.  “Walk.” the voice said.  Andy didn’t recognised it.
Andy staggered along in darkness. His hands tied in front of him.
There was a twit in the trees, but no twoo. Crunch, crunch, crunch, Andy walked. He could feel creepy crawlies pitter-patter up his leg and he desperately wanted to scratch. His head ached, not helped by the smell of slivovice and cigarettes coming from behind him. Crunch, crunch. He felt the breeze on his cheek and heard the trees rustle above him. The man behind him sniffed. Crunch, sniff, pitter-patter. He felt that breeze on his cheek carrying the smell of slivovice and cigarettes. There was still no twoo. Andy shivered. Crunch, crunch. sniff, pitter-patter. 
“Stop!” the voice said. 
Andy stood still and listened. He could still feel the pitter-patter of the creepy crawlies on his leg. His body ached. 

Part Five 
“You think you can mess with me, do you?” The new voice made Andy jump. He recognised it like he recognised the sickly smell of the aftershave that reached him on the breeze. “You stupid little man.” Moses didn’t have his TV voice on anymore, he had a gravelly, grainy, nasty sounding voice.
“Did you think I wouldn't notice your little games? Did you not think I knew who you were? You bloody fool. Well, let me tell you something. Do you know where you are?”
 Andy didn’t reply. 
“This is a private forest, a place where people who can afford it go hunting. There’s all sorts in this forest, deer, antelope, tigers. and.” Moses paused like he was announcing the winner on a quiz on his shitty little radio show. “There're four hunters out and about tonight and they’re human hunting.” Another pause. You won't see anyone, all you’ll hear is a pfft then, pain, then death.” 
Andy sensed Moses was smiling, this sleaze was a psychopath. “Let’s hope it’s clean shot, that you don’t lie in the forest bleeding to death.”
“You’ll never get away with this?” Andy said
Moses laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself. We’ve got away with it for the last twenty-five years? Good luck.”
Andy heard footsteps crunch away, then smelt the stale smell of his old friend slivovice and cigarettes. The punch was as violent as it was sudden. This time to the stomach. Andy dropped to his knees. Slivovice and cigarettes snipped Andy’s restraints and removed the hood. Andy saw the shadow of the big man move away. An owl hooted, twit, no twoo. Andy was alone.  

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, it is fixed now.

  2. Thanks. I always like listening to the audio although this story is not one of my favourite