Friday, 7 October 2016

Poetry Friday 14

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Poetry Friday just keeps on going. 

The Gym
Gym on a whim,
a work out
till I cry out,
stop this nonsense!
And then go home,
Never to return.

Do aliens watch me
Observe my
monitor my
Do they watch me
and turn, turn
and toss
as insomnia takes over.
Do they watch the duvet
off, on, off then on again?
Do they look away as I
patter to the loo, respecting
my privacy?
do I stare into this midnight space

The scent of your perfume
hangs in the air and
caresses my pillow
like a goodbye note.
Sickly sweet,
sticking in my throat
yet stabbing
at my heart.

She left me on a Tuesday,
And I started eating,
to help soothe my brain.
Curry for breakfast,
pizza for lunch,
KFC for tea.
she came to get her things,
I drank the wine, the whiskey, the gin,
then fish and chips
with extra mushy peas.
On Thursday, I heard she’d moved in with Jeff.
Cake, ice cream
and chocolate digestives.
On Friday the pain was so bad,
I went to the doctor.
“Help me mend this broken heart.”
“That’s not heartache,” she said, 
“that's indigestion.”

More next week? We'll see. 

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