Friday, 21 March 2014

Corry’s Story - The Big Question

Corry took a deep breath, it was now or never, this was it, he had to do it. He’d had the piece of paper in his pocket for 5 days now but still hadn’t given it to its intended recipient. Each time he thought he’d had the opportunity, something stopped him; the school bell had rung or one of his mates had turned up or one of her girlfriends had appeared on the scene. He blamed these things but he knew the real thing stopping him was himself. 

Elle was beautiful, her little nose, her big eyes and her dynamite smile, she had invaded Corry’s head and occupied it like an enemy force. He dreamed of holding her hand, maybe even kissing her cheek, he wondered what it would be like to do a proper kiss. Corry brooded at home, moped around in school, was forgetful and light headed, he only seemed to come alive when Elle entered the room. In other words, Corry was lovesick. 
He was sure she felt the same way, her smile sometimes seemed just for him, while the little blushing looks she gave him seemed to tell Corry that if he only had the bottle to hand the paper over, she would say yes to the question printed out neatly on it. Corry walked next to Elle on the way to Maths, now was the time. 
‘Elle’ he said quietly. She looked at him and smiled as he held the paper up to give to her.
‘What’s all this then? Two little love birds?’ Fuck it was Danno, the school bully, he walked in between Corry and Elle and snatched the paper from Corry’s hand. This was Corry’s worst nightmare, why had he written anything? He wanted to die. They’d reached the maths class, maybe that would save him, but Mr Lewis wasn’t there yet. 
‘I think you’re beautiful, will you be my girlfriend?’ Danno read the note to the class who fell about in laughter. Just when Corry wanted to be invisible his face blushed redder than ever before making him even more visible. He could feel bitter tears coming to his eyes. 
‘Cry baby, cry baby.’ Corry’s eyes had leaked and Danno had noticed and made sure everyone else did too. 
‘Settle down.’ Mr Lewis has come to Corry’s rescue but it was only a single lesson and it wouldn't be long until the mocking started again. 
‘Sir, can I just say something please?’ Elle’s voice sounded strong, not in the least bit embarrassed by Danno’s mockery. Corry slunk further down in his seat, dreading what was coming next. 
‘Be quick.’ Lewis said. He could sense there was a problem and instinct told him to let the girl speak. 
‘I just want to say, yes Corry.’ She looked at Corry and smiled. There was an audible gasp and then a spontaneous round of applause. Everyone joining in except Danno, who was looking confused that his bullying hadn’t worked. Even Mr Lewis clapped. Corry’s eyes leaked another tear but this time it was far from bitter.

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  1. There is nothing as good as such a cute story in the morning:) it makes your heart melt and your spirits soar:) thanks