Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Strip Bar


Robert loved having guests from different countries visiting, he had the company credit card, an unlimited, budget and for once in his boring life, he was the main man. He sat in amongst his 4 guests holding court, telling stories about the country, the politics, the food and the women.
‘Right and after we’ve had desert and coffee I’ve got a surprise for you.’ he said handing out small business cards with the word ‘Dolls’ emblazoned over it in crude gold lettering. ‘VIP passes my friends, VIP passes.’ He sat back looking pleased with himself. He was the main man and he had orgainsed a treat for his 4 ‘friends.’ All four men smiled outwardly but their eyes told different stories.
 ‘Great idea’ said Honza, but his words belied the real feelings. A bloody strip bar, what on earth would his wife say? she’d bloody kill him if she found out. But he couldn’t back out could he? What would the others think of him? ‘Hen-pecked' Honza, doing what his wife told him. But he loved his wife and didn’t want to look at other women. And what would he tell her? Would he lie to her or tell her the truth? He excused himself and went to call her, better to be upfront and tell her now.
‘Brilliant’ said Karl, but to the educated ear his intonation was not quite genuine. He hated these trips; back home everyone knew what he was and accepted him. But every time he met new people he had to come out all over again. Sometimes when he was with a group of alpha males like this, he would rather step back into the closet temporarily than have to deal with the potential problems he might face if he told them all he was gay. It was usually fine, it was usually just being economical with the truth but going to a strip bar he’d have to pretend and he hated pretending.
Mitch didn’t say anything, just looked at his fellow diners. He hated moments liked this. He didn’t want to treat women like animals, like objects, he hated the growth of these horrible, sleazy gentlemen’s clubs with horrible leary men. He thought it set feminism back 20 years and he didn’t want to be part of it. But what could he do? The others were all agreeing to go along with this horrible little man. If he said no and told them why, he’d be called a killjoy a bore. This was an important meeting and an important contract, he couldn’t rock the boat could he?
‘Really?’, said Ludek, ‘ a strip bar?’ This gave Mitch hope.
‘Of course’ said Robert, special treat.
‘Well, if we must.’ said Ludek. Mitch’s heart sunk.
Ludek had rolled his eyes but the protests were superficial. Deep down he was excited. He was the oldest,  49, and had been married 25 years and you could say the spark had gone out of his marriage and the thought of real life, naked flesh sent a shiver down his spine.

Robert was pleased, it was obvious his guests were happy with his choice, he hated these places himself, they were horrible, soulless, hollow places. But if it pleased his guests, then he was willing to put up with it for an hour or two before heading home to his bible.


  1. Conformity and the need (want?) to fit in - this is how we exist in society... I love this story

  2. Fear and loneliness should not break our Honesty.. the fear of being the first or the only one to do right thing should not become the loneliness of misunderstanding..
    A dishonest man can't be responsible. A bunch of dishonest men can only build an irresponsible hypocritical society proud of its falsity..

    "Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones". - John Lennon

    1. Yeah this doens’t defend or excuse men…. it is a bit likke the lynch mob story.

  3. I don't believe they didn't want to go:) you are trying to prove the innocence of men:)

    1. sometimes peer pressure is stronger than desire :-)

    2. And the fever...getting higher
      Desire, desire...burning, burning - your reply has brought back another song to my mind:)