Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Woman with Two Faces - Tony’s Story

This is a stand alone story but The Woman with Two Faces is a recurring Character. Read her first adventure here.

Jack Frost had been busy overnight covering the fields with a light dusting of ice particles that now sparkled in the bright, early morning sun, red streaks of sunrise lingered on the clouds, and birds shrieked and took to the sky as a single gunshot rang out, echoing into the emptiness. Tony fell backwards into the frozen lake, the dead weight of his body breaking the thin ice causing a slight splash. If the bullet hadn’t killed him, the cold would. Despite the freezing temperature, the Woman with Two Faces’s shot had been steady and true, and now the ice would close around the body keeping it hidden until spring. Right up to the final moment Tony had doubted she’d pull the trigger, doubted she had it in her, but he’d underestimated her. Not that anything could have saved his life, he’d been a dead man since he’d hit on her earlier in the evening. 
Not that hitting on her was an accident, that was all part of the plan. She’d dressed to kill, literally and metaphorically. She knew the gauntlet style, leather gloves that she slowly removed as she sat on her barstool opposite  Tony would catch his eye, she knew the way she licked her cappuccino spoon would increase his interest, she knew the way she smiled at him through her fringe with her big blue eyes would have the sleazebag desperate to sample her charms.  
Tony was scum; he treated women as commodities, as things to use and abuse for his own personal gain. He was married to a trophy wife but that didn’t stop him spreading his seed like a farmer in spring. But that alone is not a reason to die. 
Tony’s crime was that he was the biggest human trafficker around. 90% of all the women working in the brothels, gentlemen’s clubs and sauna’s had been tricked into leaving their homes by Tony Classen and had been trapped in a cycle of despair by him and his cronies ever since. As The Woman with Two Faces walked away from the lake, she touched her second face. The world had one less sleazebag rapist in it, thanks to her.
She smiled to herself at how easy it had been, he sidled over to her almost immediately, insisted on buying her a drink and started bigging himself up. Boasting about his money, his houses, his cars.  The Woman with Two Faces was working it, using her natural charms, making promises with her body that she knew she wouldn’t have to keep. When she’d suggested going for a drive in his big BMW, he jumped at the chance to get her alone and show off one of his toys.
‘Why don’t we drive out to the lakes. It’s been a long time since I had some fun in a car.’ The Woman said suggestively, Tony smiled to himself this woman was giving herself to him; it was all too easy. He drove like a boy racer, showing her exactly what the machine could do. He spoke about the car like it was an extension to his foreplay, like the performance of the vehicle would be turning her on like fingers on her neck or a tongue on the small of her back. It was pathetic but The Woman played along, stroking his face with her gloved fingers as he drove.
It was only once they’d reached the lakes that she pulled the gun out of her bag and changed her expression and tone of voice. Gone were the sexy eyes and the suggestive smile, gone was the girly tone, there was now steel in her eyes and her voice. Tony had laughed at her to start with, but she was pointing a pistol at him so he did as he was told sure that she didn’t have a clue what she was doing and he’d soon be able to overpower her. He got out of the car and walked towards the water’s edge. He turned around to face her when instructed, putting on his best smile.
‘C’mon love…’ he started but the Woman didn’t let him finished.
‘This is for all the women you’ve destroyed’ she said pulling the trigger on the final syllable and watching his body sink through the ice. 

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  1. Sometimes I think I could kill all the men in the world. Wouldn't it be better without them? They only make us suffer... we can perfectly do without them reproducing through pathenogenesis:)

    1. Whpose blog would you read? :-)

    2. oh ... there are lots of great blogs written by women... and we won't really need stories describing male/female matters as such problems will not exist... no egocentric, self-important and deceitful creatures. Life would be so much easier. Women won't have to spend hours devoting their thoughts to them

    3. Men are like the air, women can't breath without them ;-) They make us laugh and cry, happy and upset... and that's life :-) They are here to help us to get to know ourselves better. Not sure if we'll ever undestand them though :-)

    4. true:) and some of them are particularly puzzling:) I'd like to shoot them down and forget about their existence:)

    5. As for "men are like the air" - yes they are like the air... I suddenly remembered this beautiful love poem:
      "I haven’t seen you for a month or so.
      No change. Perhaps I’m pale rather than fair,
      sleepier, more silent. It shows
      you can live without air"

  2. But I must seriously consider that:) recommended reading:

  3. I'm sorry I can't passionately join this anti-male debate, even though I'm a female. I happen to have three sons .... and a father and a brother ..... :-)