Friday, 30 September 2016

Poetry Friday 13

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I was in Cardiff Bay on Monday and they were dismantling the Ferris Wheel that had been there over the summer. I wrote a poem.

The Naked Ferris Wheel
Stripped bare of gondolas
and lights.
Still standing proud
despite the wanton destruction.
to the elements.
tottering in
the wind.
Soon to be no more,
but making one
last stand. 

This next poem has borrow a line from an old short story, but I don't know which one.

Haunting songs 
Haunting songs. 
Haunting voices
choirs sing, 
the words tingle 
the skin. 
Ring out the old 
bring in the new, 
the words tingle 
the skin.

Two silly, non-poems to finish.

Coffee snob
If anyone tells you
They can taste the difference
Between a latte, a flat white and a
they’re lying.

The following announcement may save your life.
In emergency
pull the handle
and push the door.
Oh by the way,

you’ll still die.

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