Friday, 10 March 2017

Poetry Friday 36

Poetry Friday 36.
Three poems for you this week.
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The first poem is a topical poet effort. Apparently, Brits are taking fewer sick days off than at any time since records began. Are we healthier, more dedicated to our work or…

Your head feels like a boxing match,
you’ve hardly slept a wink,
but still you’re on you this crowded train
clutching your hot drink.

With a nose wetter than the weather
your eyes are bloodshot red,
your handkerchief is sodden,
your cough could wake the dead.

 Every joint feels swollen
 your throat’s a burning fire
 but you dare not miss this meeting
 and risk the boss’s ire.

 You’re not being a martyr,
 don’t need a pat on the back,
 you’re either at your desk on time,
 or else you’ll get the sack.

First Date
A crow’s feet smile
your head on my shoulder
cigarette on your lips.
A bubble rises
in your sparkling water
and bursts.
The jukebox hums
an 80s song.
while the girl with fierce
Balkan eyes, chatters away wildly.
Is it your heart
or mine I feel beating?
We’ve so much to discover,
so much to learn.
But for now
silence will suffice.

The Counting Crows have a song that says, there’s a piece of Maria in every song that I sing. This poem is called my Maria.

My Maria
There’s a trace of you
in every line that I write.
You’re around every turn of phrase,
lurk the on the corner
of every non-sequitur.
You help me find my way
shape my memories,
and craft my words.
You’re my Maria
and I’m your Adam.

So that’s it, the end of Poetry Friday 36. I wonder what next week will bring.

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  1. You should send My Maria to a poem writing competition...