Friday, 3 March 2017

Poetry Friday 35

Poetry Friday 35.
Poetry 35 nearly didn’t happen. These three poems are very much works in progress.
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Lipstick in a handbag
What was she searching for?
That little girl who
only smiled
in her own language.
The little dragon that
blew smoke
but no fire.
Like searching for a lipstick
in a handbag,
she was sure it was somewhere.
but it remained elusive.

Last dance
Our dance was like we
were the only ones on the floor.
The band playing
just for us.
Agility, grace, balance,
we glided as if moved by magnets
Two bodies, one movement.
But then, I stood on your toe,
you stumbled
and the music stopped
We left the crowded dancefloor

There’s always tomorrow
Up to my ears
in procrastination.
So busy finding excuses
that I nearly forgot not  to do
What I had on my ‘not to do’ list.
Industriously putting things off
until tomorrow
what I could
do today.
Conscientiously dawdling,
shillying and shallying.
Frittering away the day because
there’s always tomorrow.

So there we have it, number 35. Let’s see what number 36 brings. Have a good weekend. 

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