Thursday, 16 March 2017

The White Astra part 2

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Lacey rubbed his wrists and looked at the marks the cuffs had left. He took a deep breath and bent down, picked up the recipe for banana bread and tossed it in the bin. He flicked the kettle on. He’d need a spoonful of sugar in his next cup of tea. He wandered over to the window to see if the Astra was still there. He smiled at the two figures in the car, there was no sign of the inspector. A dog walker walking a golden retriever paused to let the dog piss on a tree next to the car. Lacey turned his back to his watchers and rubbed his forehead. 
“Shit,” he looked around the flat. “Where the fuck is it?”.  He scanned the room.  He didn’t even know what he was looking for, but he knew it was there somewhere. Or maybe it was outside looking it. He looked out of the window again and looked for a tall structure that could hide a camera. But that would be daft, he’d only have to draw the curtains he’d beat it. No, the camera had to be inside. Lacey grabbed his coat, it was time for a walk.
The dog walker was about ten metres in front of Lacey, so he quickened his step and caught up. One of the two figures from the car was on foot about twenty paces back. “Not subtle are they,” the dog walker said. 
“They’re everywhere,” Lacey replied.
“I had a good look at the Astra while Rolly was relieving himself,” Lacey had to lean in to catch the words. 
“Just had a visit from Inspector Gormless. They’ve put a camera in my flat.”
Dog walker looked at Lacey. “It’s okay,” Lacey said. “He only discovered a recipe… and one of my hiding places.”  
The walked in silence for a few moments listening to the footsteps behind them. 
“Your TV,” the dog walker said.
“That’s the camera.” 
“Oh fuck,” Lacey nodded. “So, I leave it off?”
“No, it even works while it’s off. And if you unplug it, they’ll know you’ve discovered it. Good boy.” The dog walker bent down and patted the dog whilst a woman walked past the two of them; better to be safe than sorry. “So, leave it, but make sure your hiding place is out of view of the television. Okay?”
“They’re all over us,” Lacey said. “We don’t stand a chance.” 
“But if we give up?” the dog walker said.
“I know,” Lacey said and looked at her. 
“We’re getting there. Now go home and make a start on those articles.” 
Lacey nodded and wheeled into the newsagents. He needed some chocolate to go with that cup of tea. 

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