Friday, 24 March 2017

Poetry Friday 38 - A Vietnam Special

Poetry Friday 38.  A Vietnam Special
As I have been in Vietnam this week, here are 4 poems scribbled here giving my impressions of the place.
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Toad Poetry
Breathing the molten lava air.
A melee of motorbikes
with two, three, four, sometimes five passengers,
swarm like hornets.
Every way is a four-way road.
Your rules are the rules.
The pavements overflow with picnickers.
A fashionable haunt for young and old alike.
Exotic food spread out to share,
steaming in the heat.
Motorbikes become armchairs,
a ringside view for the people watchers.
And she
tries to sell herself
to sweat-stained tourists.

Physical v Mental
Joints ache with
Throbbing legs, feet, head.
Let me sleep, please.
Again, my mind has other ideas.
Going through my databanks.
Giving precedence to
Embarrassing moments from yesteryear, usually locked
deep inside my vault.

The river snarls and growls,
a constant flow of fumes and horns.
Different currents, rush, meander, and weave in
a constant flow of fumes and horns.
I dip my toe into the torrent,
a constant flow of fumes and horns.
Overwhelmed, I’m dragged under by
a constant flow of fumes and horns.

The Black Beetle
Dashing across the bathroom floor.
after laying eggs in my washbag.
for me to take back to Wales.

Hope you enjoyed those. I am sure Poetry Friday will return next week.


  1. I have never been to Vitenam but these poems give the impression of this place as being full of motion, hustle, bustle, activity, rapidity, activity. Even the mind is totally uneasy. There are only three things that seem to stand out (I mean, are not moving) from this swarm: the girl looking for clients, your tired body and the eggs in the washbag :-)

  2. How are the eggs doing in Wales?

    1. Enjoying the sunshine. I'll take them to barry Island and Up the Brecons this week.

    2. Green with envy:-)