Friday, 31 March 2017

Poetry Friday 39. A Wales Special

Poetry Friday 39.  A Wales Special
After last week’s ode to Vietnam, two poems this week from closer to home, inspired by a drive along the A470 in Wales between Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil.
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The A470 – The highway to Heaven?
Roads scattered with snack vans
golden vistas with the scent of bacon baps,
flashes of yellow remind us this is Wales.
murky mountains with misty moustaches
curled dragons asleep, their skin rusty green
Roadside chapels remind us this is Wales.
Secret viaducts rise from nowhere,
vast reservoirs shimmer in the sun
lambs bleat to remind us this is Wales.
For a moment I wonder, is this heaven?
then the road drops
and Merthyr Tydfil remind us this is Wales.

Cusp of the Storm
Walking on the cusp of the storm
 the tightrope between blue sky
and black.
rain spots one cheek
whilst sun bakes the other
a delicate balancing act
as I tiptoe along the rainbow.

Thank you for tuning in. Poetry Friday next week will come from Croatia.

Have a good weekend.

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