Wednesday, 11 January 2017


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This is related to yesterday's story but also stands alone.

Mike was a little pissed off. He didn’t like working on a Saturday afternoon, but that meant overtime and every little helped. He hadn't really thought about it when he keyed the postcode and house number into his satnav. He hadn’t even thought about it when he was driving the route he usually drove on a Tuesday afternoon. It was just another job, another address. He only really thought about it when the satnav announced they had reached their destination, right outside Stacey’s house. She hadn't told him they were getting security equipment installed. 
Mike knocked the familiar door wondering if this was a real job or if Stacey was just enjoying some role play. But when a large man opened the door, Mike knew this wasn't a game.
“Mr Greg Phillips? he said, looking at his clipboard.
“Yes come in.” Stacey’s husband led him through the familiar house into the kitchen and offered him a cup of tea. Mike noticed that Greg drank from the mug that Stacey usually gave him. He had a sudden panic, what if Stacey was in? How would she react seeing her lover talking to her husband?
“So this is motion sensitive,” Mike explained. “It will only record at the times you set it to and if there is motion.” 
“I see.”
“Set it for night time or when you and your wife are out, and you can set it so that any motion will send an alarm to your phone.” 
“I don't really want that,” Greg said he dropped his voice. “I am not worried about burglars. You see I want to spy on my wife. I think she's having an affair.” 
Mike nearly spat the tea out. He tried his best to keep a straight face. 
“Oh, I see. Yes, we get a lot of that,” he said, “The footage will be stored in the cloud and you can download it when you want to. It’s best to do it once a week.”
“Perfect,” Greg said. “Let’s get to work.” 
Mike looked up to the heavens and offered a small gesture of thanks. Had his company sent one of the other techs, had Greg gone to a different firm, Mike’s little affair would have been blown wide open. But now all he had to do was hack the cloud every Tuesday evening, delete the offending images and nobody would be any the wiser. 

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