Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Security Camera

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Greg opened his computer and sat staring at the screen. His finger was poised on the mouse. One click and the truth would be revealed, but just because the truth was out there didn't necessarily mean he wanted to know it. Once he knew it, there was no going back; you can’t uncrash the car; And if the truth was what he believed it to be, it would indeed be the car wreck of his marriage. But he had to know, didn't he? The suspicion was killing him. He had to click the mouse and watch the recording and find out once and for all if Stacey was cheating on him.
Stacey had been acting weird for weeks. She’d almost become a different woman. She was dressing differently, acting differently and was not interesting in Greg's sexual advances. She used to not be able to get enough of him but now it seemed she always was tired, had a headache or just didn't! Feel like it. He thought he could smell another man’s aftershave on his pillow and cigarette smoke around the house. So, he’d invested in the best motion-sensitive security camera equipment he could afford, got it installed it one Saturday afternoon when Stacey was spending time at her mother’s and then let it run for a week. Now, the downloads were complete, the evidence that would tell him what he already knew. He was almost looking forward to confronting her. To showing her that she couldn’t outsmart him. The look on her face would be priceless when she realised he’d spied on her. The moment was erotically charged too. He’d never admit it but the thought he might see another man’s hands on his wife’s body was sending blood to his nether regions. He’d make a cup of tea and then click play.
Greg watched his wife’s hands expertly caress bed sheets and plump the pillows. He watched her lithe naked body step out of the shower. He watched her coming into the bedroom and then leaving again. Putting away clothes, checking her phone, vacuuming the floor but no sex, no lover. He clicked on the living room camera but it was no more revealing. She watched a bit of Pointless and didn't use a plate for the cookies she liked to dip in her tea. He could occasionally see her nipping out the back for a fag despite the fact she said she’d quit, but there was no lover, she didn't even masturbate, she was as good as gold.
“Fucking bitch!” Greg slammed his hands on the desk. “Fucking bitch.” He should have felt pleased; his wife wasn't cheating on him but somehow he still felt cheated. How dare she be so Snow White? He’d spent a near fortune, worked himself up into a state, got himself all aroused and for what? Nothing. The fucking bitch had to pay.   

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