Friday, 27 January 2017

Poetry Friday 30

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The  Topical Poet has got his teeth into poetry Friday again.  Two poems for you, one silly, one political.
The first one was inspired by a poet I saw on Monday called Leanne Moden. Check her out, she was very funny.
Leanne, it’s not only men who ask women to shave .

She said that she might like
You know, if I didn't mind.
For me to have a little shave
But not the facial kind.

Just a little trouser trim
Such a simple task.
A boxer short back and sides
It’s not too much to ask.

She said it's getting out of hand
Like a forest full of trees.
Don't mind a bit of hair down there,
But not down to your knees.

But I think I might have messed it up.
I was trying to get it thinner,
I've taken off far too much
It looks like Yul Brynner.

My friend Carrick said that seeing our PM with the new POTUS made his toes curl. I think we all feel your pain. I wrote a poem.

Special Relationship
From World War 1 to Libya
we’ve stood side by side,
with our ‘merican cousins.
Special relationship we’ve cried. 

When Ronnie launched the arms race
and filled us all with fear
Maggie let Mr. Reagan
store his weapons here.

When Dubya bombed Afganistan
and then went into Iraq.
His special friend in London
said “George, I’ve got your back”.

A special relationship you say,
more like an unholy alliance.
we need them, more than they need us,
so there’ll always be compliance.

So Teresa’s gone to Washington
to meet he who I won’t name,
she’ll beg for a special deal
she’ll put Britain on the game.

She’ll take anything on offer
to get her hands on pretty green.
the NHS up for sale,
she’ll happily sell the queen

Despite his racist, sexist,
homophobic, rhetoric,
she’ll do a deal with the devil,
because she’s in the Brexit shit.

I hope you enjoy the poems, remember if you did please share them with your friends.

Have a great weekend and happy Chinese New Year.

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