Friday, 13 January 2017

Poetry Friday 28

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Week 28, it rolls on and on. Three poems today. One with a photo. All of these poems are a work in progress. So, feel free to suggest any cuts or edits. Thanks.

A chessboard of emotions;
everything looks black-and-white
but so many moves,
so many possibilities,
so many traps.
A myriad of options
make me scared.
Frightened to step forward or
I know I can’t win
by staying still
but then again
nor can I lose.

The crane
The crane giraffes her neck,
and looks over the water.
She’s stood here longer than
she cares to remember.
Her friends have come and gone
like the ships that set sail,
but one day never returned.
Now she stands alone
and surveys the empty dock.
Where pregnant boats once crowded,
now cormorants dive for fish and hang
their wings out to dry.
Where tired men once toiled
now pigeons roost and coo and take flight
through broken panes.
The day is fast approaching when
she too will be deemed unsafe,
then dismantled piece by piece.
And the final reminder
of an industrial past
will be melted down for scrap.

A lopsided love affair;
I was your future,
you were my present.
We were destined to become
each other’s pasts.

Thanks very much for reading. See you next week for Poetry Friday 29.