Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Asylum Part 2

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I stared at the screen and thumped the keyboard. The Great British Firewall was meant to protect us from fake news and outside interference, but I was beginning to have my suspicions. Right now, I couldn't access Facebook, the new British only Facetree, or the Guardian website, this wasn't protection, it was control.
Actually, I couldn’t get to the BBC, Planet Rugby, or anything. I restarted my modem, restarted my computer, tried on my iPhone and my IPad, nothing was working. I was back in 1984; no internet and I had a horrible suspicion big brother was the cause.
“Ah Mr Davies,” said a cheery Vodaphone voice. “Yes, we've been asked to give you this number. They should be able to explain the problem.”
“Why can’t you explain it?”
“Just dial the number, Mr. Davies, I am sure all will be sorted out soon.”
I phoned the number
“You have been identified as a security threat.” A bored recorded voice said to me. “The Internet is no longer available on your devices. Please note that under the 2019 emergency measures, it is illegal for someone identified as a security threat to access the Internet on their own or other devices. Failure to comply could lead to imprisonment for you and the person or persons who own the devices. Thank you for your cooperation.”

No passport, no internet, no right to reply. I was becoming persona non-grata. I had to talk to someone. I looked through my numbers, who could I trust? No brainer really. Lee Atkins. Rebel with too many causes and luckily one of my best friends.
I dialled the number, and got a record voiced.
“This user has been disconnected.”
For a moment, I thought they'd got to Lee, but then I realised they meant me.
It was time to get on my bike., literally, and metaphorically. 
I pulled my jacket on and just as I opened the front door, Lee arrived in a flurry.
“I was just coming to see you,” I said.
“So, you’ve heard then.” Lee said.
“Heard what?”

“According to my sources,” he panted, “Spain have invaded Gibraltar.”

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