Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mix Tape

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My finger was poised on the pause button waiting for the song to begin to fade so I could stop recording seconds before the stupid DJ started his drivel. The Thompson Twins, Hold Me Now, was just coming to an end.  I hit pause just in time, I was getting good at this.
The Thompson Twins, the Smiths, This Charming Man, Eurhythmics Right by Your Side, Only You, the Flying Pickets. This was going to be a mix tape with a difference. Not only the best song from this week’s top forty but also a subliminal message that would surely convince Louise Evans that I was her man. Next up was The Style Council, A Solid Bond in your Heart. She had to get the message.
Louise Evans was Barry’s answer to Farrah Fawcett, with the most amazing hair any of us had ever seen. Every time she flicked her head all of us boys felt feelings that at thirteen years old were all a little new and confusing.
Chart show over, I went to my sister’s bedroom and got our a new C60 and started putting the songs in the right order. Should I start or finish with The Cure The Love Cats? Where should I slip in The Smiths?  Was it too corny to end with Please Don’t Make Me Cry by UB40?

Monday was a blur of school bells and forgotten homework. Louise was nowhere to be seen until the last lesson when she slipped into her usual seat next to me in Maths.
“Hi,” I said.
“Hi,” she replied.
I pushed the mix tape over to her side of the desk.
“I made this for you.”
“Hope you like it.”
“Sssh now,” Mrs Edwards said, “get on with your work.”

The next two days plodded by. Would she listen to the tape? Would she get the meaning? Would she reply? I was hoping she’d think this was the most romantic thing anyone had done for her, but deep down I wondered if it was all a bit naff. My next lesson was double maths, this would be the moment of truth.  
Louise looked at me then slipped a C60 tape in my hand.
“Thanks,” I said.
“Listen to it,” she smiled her Farrah Fawcett smile.
“Sssh now,” Mrs Edwards said, “get on with your work.”
I think I broke the land speed record running home. I nearly knocked Judy from number three clean off her feet as I turned into my street.
“Had a good day?” my mum called out.
“Yeah,” I said, and threw myself into my bedroom, I dropped the cassette on the floor and then fumbled it as I took it out of the box. Finally, it was in the deck and I could press play.
The first song started.
“And I say thank you for the music.” Wow, she’d obviously got the message and was sending me a reply.
Second song.
Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes, hmm, that wasn’t very encouraging.
And then the killer blow.

Never Never, by the Assembly.


  1. Replies
    1. Close, end of November 1983 :-)

    2. some of them big hits here, some of them not popular at all in Eastern Europe:-) that gave me a few earworms today... and some ideas for archive stories

    3. a few of them I vaguely remember but I cheated by going to every hit.com