Friday, 12 May 2017

Poetry Friday 45

Poetry Friday 45

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Two poems this week, one simple one and one topical one. First of all the simple one.

The March of Time.
Crimson streaks
across a storm cloud sky.
The light fades,
as another day draws to a close.
yesterday and

There was an article on the BBC website about Dan Evans a British tennis player.  Dan claims that a Slovenian tennis player who has British Citizenship has no right to Dan’s rightful Britain’s number three slot. He claims Aljaz Bedene
is not British. It seems a bit pitiful really when you consider he is the world number 58.

Brexit Tennis  
I am Britain's number three,
you can't take that away from me.
Okay, statistics say I'm four,
but who listens to experts any more.
I'm the third best British man,
not some effing Slovenian.
Bloody foreigners coming here
 moving into Hertfordshire,
Training hard, being able,
rising up the rankings table.
He doesn't understand the British way,
 it's not about how good we play,
But plucky Dans, Good loser Tims,
and the way we drinks our Pimms
I know you think it's kind of lame
to make a fuss about my rightful claim,
But it means so much to me,
to be Britain’s number three. 

Hope you enjoyed those two poems. Join me next week for more stories and poems. Have a good weekend.

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