Friday, 19 May 2017

Poetry Friday 46

Poetry Friday 46
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Poetry Friday was written by you this week. Let me explain. Last week I was in Portugal and every day I posted a picture on Facebook asking Where Am I? I’ve collated the results and crafted them into a ‘found’ poem.

Where am I?
in the words of Will Ford: Theale.
So close, Englefield.
Only I don't think it was Will Ford.

No sheds, so not Lubljana.
Have they moved Abertillery to Portugal?
Aye, I’ve just bumped into Joao Jones the bullfighter.

This game is starting to frustrate me.
Only because I don't know the answers.
Can't help you Gareth, you'd better ask the locals.

Is that floor flat?
Somewhere with a wave machine in the pavement
Somewhere the pavement has gone all melty

You do get around
Barry Island?
Wherever it is, the picture's great,

I like the idea, the pics!

Hope you enjoyed that, let’s see what next week brings.

Have a good weekend.

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