Wednesday, 3 May 2017


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Keegan watched the planes land. The little dots that appeared in the distance, took shape as they grew closer and closer until they rumbled overhead, and thumped down on the tarmac like a fat man diving off a diving board. One by one they came, some bigger, some smaller, but all landing with a puff of smoke from their wheels and a roared of their engines. When they’d first moved into this house, he’d wanted to fly on the planes, then he’d fantasised about piloting them, but now he had a whole new game. Keegan imagined having a gun, not any old gun, but a massive gun, a cannon of some sort and blowing a plane out of the sky. He’d choose one of the big planes, the ones that had come from far, far away and aim his imaginary weapon at it. Carefully, he’d track the flight path before pulling the trigger. A thunderous noise would be followed by a rainstorm of burning metal as flames and debris spread around the airfield.  Then another plane would come into view and Keegan would decide if it was big enough to take down with his fantasy surface to air missiles. Every day before school and after school he’d play the same game; while his mates were blowing computer generated planes, tanks, and people apart on their Xboxes, Keegan was doing the same, except it was in his head. 

Tuesday afternoon, he should have been in a maths class with that bitch Smith, but he’d had enough of her bullying. He imagined Mrs. Smith was flying in one of the planes coming into the airport. He took aim with his weapon. His hand was steady, he may not be able to do quadratic equations but he could fire a missile launcher and that bitch would pay.  

Boom! That’ll teach the bitch.” A thunderous noise was followed by a rainstorm of burning metal as flames and debris spread around the airfield.  Not imaginary flames but real ones. Not a fictional explosion, but a genuine one ripped through the fuselage. 

Keegan held his head. what had he done? He’d brought the plane crashing down. Only it wasn’t his wicked maths teacher on board it was a load of innocent people. He heard the sirens wailing from all directions and the sky filled with blue light. 

The doorbell rang. Keegan stepped back from his window and stayed quiet. His door opened. Keegan didn’t need to turn around to know who was standing there. 
“Keegan Lewis,” it was a woman’s voice. “You better come with us.” Keegan felt her arm on his shoulder and turned around. They left the room in silence. 

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